Welcome to the St. John’s Episcopal Church, a place that invites you to come see, learn, and grow. We are a multicultural family that is building a welcoming home for all who desire to follow Christ.

Weekly Service Descriptions:

9:00 AM Holy Eucharist in English

A small (usually 15-20 people) and intimate service for those who enjoy a quiet, reverent worship experience. The service includes Bible readings, prayers from the Book of Common Prayer, a sermon, and Holy Communion. Instead of music, there is space for silence, and God is addressed in more ancient language such as “Thee” and “Thou” in the readings.  The service lasts about 1 hour.

10:30 AM Holy Eucharist in English

A celebration for the whole family!  Bible readings, a sermon, prayer from the Book of Common Prayer, and Holy Communion are enhanced by singing along with the organ and sometimes with guitar and other instruments.  The language is today’s American English, 75-100 people attend, and the service lasts about 1 hour 15 minutes.

1:00 PM La Santa Eucharista en Español

Una misa tradicional para toda la familia. Tenemos música particularmente tocada por guitarras acústicas. Nuestra gente es de todo Latino América, y todos son bienvenidos a cantar, oír la Biblia, recibir los Santos Sacramentos, y venir a adorar a Dios con nosotros.

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