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School Supply Drive – Margaret Beare
It is that time of year again, we are in need of collecting school supplies for those children who aren’t able to have what they need. School will start for most schools on or about August 24. We will be concentrating on elementary school supplies. We need to have them collected by August 10 in order to provide them to the schools for students. If you do not like to shop for supplies you can make a donation and I will purchase them. Make a note on the donation that it is for school supplies. Some of the supplies needed are:
• Backpacks (remember that these will be for elementary school)
• # 2 pencils
• Erasers (both pencil top and large pink erasers)
• Crayons (24 box size)
• Pencil boxes (cigar-box type)
• Pencil sharpeners (hand held)
• Glue (both stick and bottle)
• Rulers with dual scales
• Scissors (both round and pointed)
• Pens (blue or black)
• Spiral binders (wide rule, 70 page)
• Red pens
• Rolls of paper towels
• Red pencils
• Boxes of Kleenex
• Colored pencils (map pencils)
• Memo books (like small spiral notebooks without spirals and smaller)
• Disinfecting wipes
Thank you in advance for helping to fill these necessities.