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Youth Community

The youth of St. John’s, 6th – 12th grades, are called the Jesus Warriors. They are a mission minded group who focus on spiritual growth and outreach. Through Spring 2016, the Jesus Warriors will focus on mission and outreach. The following is the schedule:

July 19th – The Rev. David Peters, Curate and Army Vet and Chaplain – 3:30pm in Annex – talk about the mission outreach to Vets

July 26th – Vet’s Day Out 1 to 5 at the VFW ( with Bill & Linda Bennett)

August 19th thru August 22nd – Shortened Mission Week with a Fun Day Outing – Work to be done on the playground at church

September (date and times to be announced) – Food Bank Mission

October 18th thru November 1st – Turkey Feathers for sale for El Beun Thanksgiving Turkeys

November (dates and times  to be announced) – Registration and Distributions for El Beun families for Thanksgiving Dinners

December (dates and times to be announced) – Helping DOK with shoe boxes/bags for Austin State Hospital Patients 

January (dates and times to be announced) – Vet’s Day Out with Bill and Linda Bennett at VFW Post

February 26th thru March 6th – Raise money for CROP Walk to help raise money and awareness for hunger

March 6th – CROP Walk – (time & location to be announced)

For more information contact the church office or Paul Villarreal, Sandra Alonso, or Ranie Lewis.


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